Ghost Starts with "G"

With a child in preschool, my weeks are now marked by a letter of the alphabet. We are closing out "G" week over here today and it's our turn to bring snack for Selby's class. Inspired by Tribeca Yummy Mummy's post on Graham Cracker Cut-Outs by guest bloggers Meredith & Alison, we will grace the group with Graham Ghosts and Grapes. The homemade graham cracker recipe was easy & fun for Selby to help make, plus healthy and yummy - so I would rate it grrrreat! Try it out this weekend and I guarantee your little ghosts will gobble these goodies up.

Another week gone by... Goodbye "G" - Hello "H." Happy Friday to all!


Cate Bruce-Low said...

OHHHHHHHHHH! so cute. very excited that alison and meredith inspired you. will you report back on how the kids liked them?

xoxo, tribeca yummy mummy

Alison said...

I'm SO PLEASED that you used our graham cracker recipe for your G-Graham-Ghosts!!! I hope everyone loved them!! Meredith is so excited to try these, too. Oooh... I don't know if I have a ghost cookie cutter (at least not one this cute). Ha! I can justify another one!! :o) Thanks so much! I love your site!!


A Day That Is Dessert said...

Those are so cute!!

Mama Bird said...

The ghosts were a hit! Thanks again ladies. Have a great weekend.

Mothering Two said...

those are some awesome cookies!

ah, living by the alphabet. that will be max next year. it sounds cool to me. our babies are growing so fast. *sigh* AND yay! i love every age.