I Am Grateful For....Meditations

Today, a little catch-up to the days... here are 3 and 4.

3 :: Nursing Meditation
Breastfeeding provides me the opportunity, several times a day, to simply stop what I am doing and move into a meditative state. While nursing, I relax and reconnect with my higher self. I am grateful for these sessions and the peaceful, creative frame of mind they help me cultivate.
4 :: Cooking Meditation
Quieting the mind does not come easy to me, and I mostly prefer moving forms of meditation. Cooking moves me out of my thinking mind and into a deeper state of awareness. When I am cooking, I breathe into the rhythms of chopping, stirring and preparing. I am grateful to have time in my kitchen for cooking with reverence.
(Preparing tonight's Chicken Pot Pie)

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