I Am Grateful For...Yard Sale Treasure

23 :: Yard Sale Treasure
I love a great yard sale! This morning, my mother, sister and I went to a fabulous sale at the cottage of a blogging-acquaintance of my mother's (Chez Fifi). I found some great treasures... The oversized letters spell "DREAM" and have given me the inspiration I needed to start my simple master bedroom renovation (one of the main facets of this will be moving Sage's futon mattress to her own room). Maybe a future post on this project...
Other treasures include this smoky-green, old glass cloche that found a new home in my dining-room hutch. And two excellent additions to my home office/studio - a beadboard magnetic chalkboard and this whimsical bird's egg wreath.
I found a little treat for Selby too, The Everyday Fairy Book and a "real" fairy wand. Sweet.

I am grateful for my yard sale treasure! (Check out my mother's post at Hello Sunshine to see all her great finds!)

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Anonymous said...

birds of a feather indeed, this weekend was yard-sale-a-palooza. see you tonight.