It's Out There

As the lunar cycle entered Pisces on Wednesday, I set a new intention into motion. In the secure presence of my New Moon Sisters, I stated my intention to sell my novel. This is big.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the new moon phase. It is during this time, safe in the shade of the dark side of the moon, that we can plant the seeds of our deepest desires. It is a time of gestation and nurturing. Once the seeds are planted, they will take root. And soon, as the moon grows full, so do our intentions, growing into fully realized desires.

So by putting it out there, that I want to sell my novel, I am taking that big jump. That leap from idea to reality. Dream to destination.

I am excited and nervous and full of hope, knowing whatever happens, it is the journey that holds the magic.


Kangaroo said...

congratulations...i am so proud of you for your ambition, your writing, your story, your truth. how lucky am i to be a small part of this.

Anonymous said...

GIRD YOUR LOINS! GREASE YOUR BACK! You Can do it!! xo Mother

Anonymous said...

Go for it!

SwedeLife said...

It's a great idea, and it will be a great reality. I don't doubt it at all. It's been easy for me to see the book as a tangible thing, real with pages and a cover, from the moment you told me your idea!