Week of Love: Valentine's Cards

There are a lot of theories on the origin of Valentine's Day, ranging from pagan festivals to Christian saints. So when Selby asked me about it, I wanted to give her an age-appropriate explanation of this day of love. I told her it was a day to focus our affection on family & friends, and to share why we are grateful for each other.

One way we are doing this is by making traditional valentines cards for Selby to exchange with her classmates at preschool. I kept the design simple and fun: red construction paper and white doily hearts decorated with glitter and stickers.I suggested to Selby that she think of the friend as she decorates their card, filling it with love. She took this quite seriously and has tried to tailor each card's design to suit the receiver. Last night, she sat peacefully decorating cards for over an hour. This morning, she woke asking to do more. I love Selby's eagerness for crafting in the name of love. What better way is there, after all, for a child to show how much they care than glitter & glue?


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