I Am Writing :: Full Circle

I love synchronicity. After three recent (and unsolicited) referrals to books and authors on the subject of women's circles, I knew it was time to begin work on an article I've been writing in my mind for months. And once I further delved into the subject, I realized the strong connection writing this article has to writing my novel. I came full circle.

While researching the history, symbology and benefits of circling, I began to understand the magic that ensues when my mama friends and I gather in circle. We are connecting to the sacred. We are creating community through common needs and experiences. We are women healing, teaching and supporting one another in the same way generations of women have before us.
As for the writing, it is well underway! The article is shaping up to be both heartfelt, tapping into my own real-life circle experiences, and well-researched (I'm wading through many books on the subject- including Women Circling the Earth and The Millionth Circle - as well as a documentary film, BeComing: Women's Circles, Women's Lives).

I'd tell you more, but it might ruin the article for you. So you'll just have to wait for publication. Of course, I have to sell it first...and I will.

In the meantime, I'd really like to know if you belong to a women's circle and what it means to you.


Anonymous said...

Eeeek! I can't wait to read it! I think most women belong to a "circle of friends," unless they are hard core loners, extreme introverts, or moved to a place where they know no-one (and even then, the phone is a wonderful tool for keeping in touch - the internet, too!). That is what is so exciting about your article, almost everyone can relate on some level.

What you do with your mama friends is unique and very special - the New Moon Circle. I can't imagine doing something like that with my sister-friends. It's a little too, eh, not our style. I find it interesting, beautiful, and fascinating that you and others do, though. However, we do have other rituals and traditions (so to speak) of sharing our inner lives with one another.

I feel as women, we are more fortunate than men in this department, as it is socially acceptable for us to share our inner lives with other women (with other people, in general). Men have a harder time with this... which I'm hoping to teach Max otherwise to break that mold for him.

Anyway... rambling here, again. I'm excited for your article and YOU WILL SELL IT. :)

Cate said...

ok, for the gabrillionth time, when reading your posts, i thought how i wish that my friends would be into something like this. very exciting-bringing something new into the world, or something very old.