Soaking in Spring

Warm Gulf breezes scented with orange blossoms and sea salt. Clear sun warming the skin and brightening the spirit. Water play. New growth. Bare feet. Spring peeks out and we bend toward it, seeking a fresh start. A space for new ideas, new journeys, new manifestations. I'm blissfully soaking it all in.


Anonymous said...

March 21st, is the first day of spring. *wink* Unless you are going by a calendar that I'm not familiar with?

Even tho it feels like summer and spring almost all year round' here!

Anonymous said...

PS!: Only a baby's feet can still be cute when dirty! LOL!

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Yes, I know the Spring Equinox is still over a week away... just commenting on the way I feel, not a calendar date.

Anonymous said...


I was just saying yesterday that I love the fact that my children are DIRTY at the end of the day. That means they've been playing hard!

Cate said...

mmmmmm. i heart dirty feet.

spring is in the air-even here in nyc.