The First Day

After a whole week of counting down to Kindergarten with me, I wanted to share with you a glimpse of the "first day."

The school day starts early, so to help things move along in the morning, I made a picture-checklist of "things to do before school." It included: eat breakfast, get dressed, brush hair & teeth, put on shoes & socks, and load backpack & lunchbox into car. Selby took it seriously, checking things off as she got ready.

My big girl was all smiles, all morning. The whole family accompanied her to her classroom where she got settled right in - and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

As for me, I choked back a few tears in the parking lot. However, I couldn't help but smile as I watched my girl fly from my arms, like a bird from its nest, soaring fearlessly into her future on a path all her own. And I know, in my heart, that her flight will be so very sweet.


Kangaroo said...

oh would you just look at her sweet little face! selby's going to do just fine. i look forward to watching her grow right on up.

but not too fast.

SwedeLife said...

Such a proud, sweet moment. And a bit sad here, as she looks more grown up than when I saw her last already. Happy School year, Selby xxxoo H&I

eringoodman said...

oh my!!! she is just glowing!!!

i love your morning checklist. great idea, mama!!!

Rose said...

So sweet! Glad to hear you guys are having a smooth transition.