Romance, Rejuvenation & Radical Homemaking

During my blogging break in May, my hubby and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary with a weekend getaway in Micanopy, Florida. This quaint little town was so enchanting, I've been meaning to share it with you here for weeks. We stayed at the delightful Herlong Mansion Historic Inn, where we took full advantage of an amazing second-floor veranda. Through Corinthian columns, it offered a splendid view of the Inn's gardens full of blooming jasmine, magnolia trees and old oaks dripping with Spanish moss.
One half of a long afternoon was spent here, stretched out on an oversized, cushioned swing, reading, talking, dreaming and sipping mimosas.

At night, after dining on locally-procured food, we retired to our cozy little cottage at the bed & breakfast, complete with a jacuzzi tub for two!
Aside from lounging and visiting the nearby Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings homestead, we explored Micanopy's array of antique and eclectic shops. I fell completely in love with the Mosswood Farm Store, which offers quirky and earth-friendly items ranging from recycled overalls to natural laundry soda to vintage butter churns.
This sign hung amongst vintage aprons, sewing baskets and knitting supplies; it reads: Mend it, darn it, sew it up - we have become a throwaway society, our landfills overflow with castoff goods. What if we could change? What if we could stop the waste? Maybe we could save the world one button at a time. Get out your sewing basket and mend your soul.
A wealth of books on natural living and traditional skills kept me enthralled, while sipping fresh-brewed organic coffee. Mosswood Farm Store was like the retail version of Radical Homemakers. (Have you read this book?) It was the icing on the cake of what turned out to be not only a romantic weekend getaway, but also an inspirational, rejuvenating and enlightening reprieve.


Kangaroo said...

I love that, sewing to mend the soul. Sure seems to do that for me. This trip of yours has inspired me so much--Cross Creek is a very soon trip for us, and this looks just as fabulous!

SwedeLife said...

Yay for finding the hidden treasures in your own backyard...and for grown up time away.

Rose said...

What a neat shop! I would love that place! Those little traditional skills books look really handy, would love to get my hands on a few of those.