Adventures In Produce

Today, I dragged all three kids (my 2 gals and my nephew) to the produce market with me. I dreaded going ... it's so hot and I had, well you know, three kids tagging along. But we needed veggies & fruit and milk & bread to even make it through the day.

To my delight, the kids were amazing. They have perfected their market game, which goes something like this:

Selby (6) holds up a piece of produce and asks little sister Sage (2), "Is this a banana?"

Sage giggles and replies, "Nooooo. It's a (insert whatever it is)."

Then it's Ethan's (8) turn to ask "is this a banana?" while holding up an eggplant, or bunch of cilantro or whatever.

They all thought it was hilarious and kept this game up the whole time I shopped. And as I half-listened in, I was completely amazed to hear how many items Sage knew by name. I may not be able to get them to eat much of it yet, but these kids are getting something from our weekly produce foragings.

As we left, all three kids became enamored with a bin of Florida key limes. They were smelling them and squeezing them and running their fingers through the pile of little yellow-green fruits. They begged me to buy them each one; at 10 cents a piece it was an easy request. And they carried those little limes around for a strangely long time.

So everyone went home happy. Now, what to make with 3 key limes...


Heather said...

I am going to go with pie. Always always pie :)

It is neat to see children having fun at the market, and from the sound of it, learning to identify all of the major veggies.

Rose said...

Glad to hear the trip went well. My two finally figured out the farmer's market, too. When we went last week, it was actually fun. We'll have to try the Name That Vegetable game. Sounds like fun.

As for the limes, I think fresh lime juice is divine squirted over grilled chicken on the bone. A says that's how he remembers eating chicken in Mexico.