3! and Pink Strawberry Cake

My baby turned three this week. Three! She is her own little person now, with her own big ideas. She knows what she wants; and for her birthday, she wanted a pink strawberry cake.
I scoured the internet for a strawberry cake free of red food coloring and strawberry Jell-O (there's something familiar about this...). It was hard to find, but I finally came across this fantastic recipe. To my birthday gal's delight, the cake was both pink and full of strawberry flavor. And to my delight, these were both accomplished naturally by using, of all things, real strawberries. This recipe is a keeper!


daddy bird said...

She's got your beautiful smile.

eringoodman said...

happy birthday to your sweet girl!!!! LOVE that big smile!!!!

Liquid Pen said...

awww..happy pink cake! a little beet juice make great pink too...though strawberry seems better for cake