Animal Spirit Energies

Ancient Native Americans believed all animals had healing or inspirational power. I was thinking of this last week while walking over The Ringling Causeway Bridge with a couple of friends. After chatting it up on the way over the bridge, we decided our walk back would be silent.
(*I did not take this image.)
As we began our ascent, I spotted two dolphins out in the distance in the water. Their fins bobbed up and down in the bay, which was sparkling gloriously in the sunlight. I continued to watch them as they came closer to the bridge; and when I reached the highest point they were right below me, swimming under the bridge in a fluid, graceful up and down movement. I was charmed by their majesty and beauty. Later, I looked up the spirit energy of dolphins: joyful harmony, use of breath, and the power of rhythm. Yes!
A few days later, a black cat entered my life. She lives across the street, but has taken a liking to my back yard. We have a small decorative pond that she likes to sit next to. She rolls in the dirt in the garden. And yesterday, she found her way onto our back deck where she crouched by the pool and playfully dipped her paws into the water. She is back this morning, keeping me company as I write. I looked up cat spirit powers: curiosity, independence and healing. Apparently, a cat's energy field rotates in a counterclockwise direction, opposite of the human energy field. This allows it to absorb and neutralize negative energies for humans. Yes again!
One day, I noticed a turtle basking in the sun in my backyard: love & protection, healing and knowledge. We've been hatching and releasing monarch butterflies that now live in our butterfly garden: transformation, balance, grace.

I'm so comforted in all the powerful healing and inspirational energy that surrounds me in nature. Noticing, and honoring, animals as they appear in my world has become a wonderful practice of mindfulness. So I ask you, what animals have visited you lately?


Valerie said...

I have noticed a lot of black birds/crows. Do you know what kind of animal energy that reflects?

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Hi Valerie! The website I looked at says crows reflect council, wisdom and resourcefulness.

Rose said...

Hmm...my eyes haven't been open to this lately, but I will watch.

One of my most vivid dreams ever had dolphins in it. (I think I may have told everyone at a moon years ago...) It was an amazing dream.

Liquid Pen said...

Yes, all of a sudden there they are! Everywhere...I love animal medicine!

MermaidLilli said...

Lizards! Lots of them. Hawks, a family in a nearby tree. I don't know what their energy means, but I am at least enjoying their presence at my home.

Valerie said...

Thank you for the info on the crows. That makes perfect sense! Yesterday I saw a few oddities for my area of the country...an orange newt, a black ladybug with red spots and a whole flock of Blue Jays....usually I only ever see 1 or 2 Jays, but that was magnificent! Would you mind sharing the website?

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Valerie - If you do a Google search for "animal spirit energies" you'll have lots of info at your fingertips. A good quick-reference sight is: http://www.soultones.com/totems.html; this is where I found your info on crows. Best wishes!