My Natural Pantry Makeover

Photo by Jenny Acheson.
This is my pantry, as featured in my article about stocking and organizing a natural, whole-food based pantry in the current issue of Edible Sarasota magazine (pgs. 13-14).

In preparation for writing this piece, and even more so for the photo shoot, I moved my existing pantry out of my dark kitchen cabinets and into this hutch in my dining area. I LOVE it! It is so charming and inviting... everyone who visits my home now is enchanted by my pantry. Of all things, right? Anyhow, I thought you might like it too!

So really, all I had to do for the article was organize my existing stuff. Here's how I did it: All the dry goods are stored in glass canisters and jars that I've been collecting for years. I grouped them together by food types (i.e., all the grains, beans, jams, etc. are each stored together). Snacks and other packaged goods are corralled in baskets and bins. And turntables and tiered shelf risers hold bottles, jars and the likes. I also labeled the bulk items and homecanned goods, with adhesive kitchen labels by Martha Stewart. This simple system makes everything so easy to find.

In the drawer just below the open shelving, I store spices and herbs. And the one below that serves as a mini root cellar with baskets of onions and potatoes. (The bottom drawer holds inherited sterling silver flatware, and the closed cabinet houses inherited china. Just in case some day I want to serve up something wholesome all super-fancy like!)

Jump over to the article to get my list of recommended whole food pantry staples, and to see more "after" images of my made-over pantry!


Erika @ HomesteadSimple said...

Oh I like it! It is intriguing and inviting and it just has wholesome and natural written all over it! Great idea!

Jill of all Trades said...

That is such a cute cabinet set up! It makes your natural meds look like an old fashioned apothecary station!! Who'd ever want to pop a pill when they could explore that cabinet for some relief!