Going Bananas, Part 2

Thanks for the yummy banana ideas, ya'll! I spent my morning monkeying around in the kitchen and made these delicious "monkey muffins" - half are whole wheat banana chocolate chip and the other half are the same, plus raspberries. The basic recipe comes from my dear friend's blog, appropriately named The Laughing Monkey. Thanks Rose!
I also canned 10 jars of Monkey Butter, which is just bananas, pineapple, coconut, lemon juice & zest and lots of sugar. This stuff is sinful, folks! I plan to stash most of it away for gift giving. See what's left of my bananas in the background? There are 8, which are getting peeled and going in the freezer for a"banana milkshake" and a "kalicious smoothie," ideas courtesy of readers (see comments under Going Bananas). Thanks Cathy & Laura... can't wait to try your healthy concoctions!

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Cathy b said...

Super yummy!