Radishes for Breakfast

I made a quick stop at the produce market this morning and was filled with joy (yes, over produce) to find these beautiful, red radishes (99 cents!) and spring onions. They went into my basket with more fresh-grown delights, a gallon of local milk, a dozen local eggs, a loaf of fresh-baked multi-seed bread, some bacon and some goat cheese. On these busy weeks, I'm really glad to have a source for this fresh, "ready-made" goodness!
I couldn't wait to get get into the radishes and onions, so I made a post-workout breakfast no. 2. It was so yummy and simple... I sliced one onion and four radishes, then sauteed them in a bit of organic butter, homegrown thyme and sea salt, over medium heat. Once soft, I pushed the radish & onion mix to the side of the skillet to stay warm and cracked two of the local eggs into the pan, cooking them over-medium. Easy and so very tasty!

I can't wait to start pulling radishes from my own backyard garden... but in the meantime, I'm happy. How do you eat yours?


Courtney said...

I have to pop in here and recommend eating radishes raw, sliced thinly, with fresh whipped butter and a light sprinkling of sea salt. They are deee-vine this way. You can even make them a good breakfast of lunch if you spread that fresh butter over a slice of French bread! A must-try.

P.S. we really enjoy your blog!

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Courtney - yum! I'll be eating them raw with salted butter for lunch today.

Dree said...

I sometimes make scalloped radishes--which are so yummy and so very very rich. Usually I make quick pickles, do chua style. Yes, do chua is better with daikons, but regular red radishes are yummy too. When I make coleslaw, I will often grate in 1 radish. But I don't like them raw, too spicy in an odd way and the texture is odd.

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Dree - Scalloped radishes! Oh, be still my heart (recipe please!). I will definitely be trying that. Love the idea of adding them to coleslaw too!