Yes... Another Swap

Having mastered the homemade food & craft swap, and discovered the freezer meal swap, last Saturday, I loaded my car up with a selection of seeds, seedlings and plant starts from my home garden and headed off to a Fall Equinox seed & plant swap.
I joined a group of home gardeners of all levels in swapping some of our most prolific plants, as well as seeds saved from previous seasons.
The variety of offerings was great, and leaned heavily toward edibles. I scored a few starts for my garden I didn't yet have... like sweet potatoes, snap peas, a pineapple, marigolds, and lemon balm. And, I nabbed some seed varieties I've never grown before, including lemon & cinnamon basil, mammoth dill (pictured), red cabbage, purple jalapeno, and sunhemp. I also brought home some wildflower "seed bombs" packaged in a little cloth bag, and some "seed tape" wrapped in pretty ribbon - be still my heart!
Like every other swap I've participated in, I went home feeling like I got the better end of the deal... trading my "usual" stuff for someone else's, which is new and unique to me! And I was reminded, once again, how swapping homemade and homegrown goods - from plants, to food, to crafts - allows people to connect on a deep and meaningful level. At it's heart, swapping is really all about community.
**Look for my full article on our seed & plant exchange, including tips for saving your seeds,
in the upcoming fall edition of Edible Sarasota. **

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