In My Nest....

It's been a very busy spring in my nest so far, with lots of good happenings, creative projects, and signs of the season! I packed up a beyond-beautiful harvest of edible flowers this week - all grown by myself and a gardening friend - and sent them off with the recipe editor of Edible Sarasota for a photo shoot. My article on edible flowers is slated for the spring issue, as well as a piece on growing microgreens & sprouts.
The girls are in the spirit of the season - Sage made a countdown to Easter sign, and Selby made spring table settings for dinner one night (so sweet accompanying a small harvest of baby French breakfast radishes from the garden). I love seeing how they express themselves!
We've been learning all about naturalist, explorer, and artist Maria Sibylla Merian for Selby's school research project (check out this delightful children's book about her). And Sage has been faithfully working in her nature journal; this week she's practicing drawing trees - pictured here, a tree and a tree lady!
I've been working to establish spring gardens for each of the girl's classrooms. We started seeds for "kitchen gardens"; sowed seeds for Florida-native-style "three sisters gardens" of sweet sorghum, seminole pumpkins, and yard long beans; and installed "food pollinator gardens" to attract butterflies, birds, bees, and other useful critters. I'm loving working with all the children and seeing their enthusiasm for digging in the dirt!

I've got a few other projects underway this season... each of which will likely get it's own post soon! Currently, I'm:
  • hosting my spring nature journaling eCourse, A Sense of Place,
  • planting my spring edible garden, which has now spread to include my front yard,
  • fixing up my butterfly garden and pond for the arrival of new spring critters,
  • planning & compiling an At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum (available by preorder),
  • and creating a space to house some soon-to-come new additions to our nest... bunnies!
Like I said, we've been so very busy! What about you... what's happening in your nest? I'd love to know!

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arianne said...

We've been studying wasps. But my kids would love learning about Marian. So much inspiration. I just love your blog. Happy Easter!