Simple Pleasures ~ Button Play

If you're looking for some simple, old-fashioned fun for your kids, help them start a button jar (children 5 and over, or with adult supervision, please). My girls started their button jars after reading about making a button string in Little House in the Big Woods. In the story, Laura and Mary strung buttons from Ma's button jar with beads they found at an Indian camp, to make jewelry for their baby sister Carrie. So when Nana cleaned out her button collection shortly after we read this, my pioneer-enchanted gals were over the moon to start jars of their own!
My daughter Sage had a button & bead stringing station at her Wild Child Tepee Party last fall!
Over time, the girls have added to their jars with buttons found at craft stores, thrift shops, and yard sales. They love to trade buttons with each other (this is serious business, folks!), and sort them by color, shape, and design. The buttons are also used for all kinds of imaginative play and art. They're added to sewing projects, used as game pieces in handcrafted board games, and served as play food. As with all good play items, the imagination is the limit!

All you need for this Simple Pleasure is:
  • a recycled jar
  • buttons (easily found at craft stores & thrift shops - or ask Grandma for a few!)
  • optional: beads, string, craft scissors

To make a pioneer-style button string:
  1. Cut a length of string and tie a knot in the end (larger than the hole in the first bead or button). Or, tie a bead or button to the end.
  2. Thread a selection of buttons and beads on to the string.
  3. Tie both ends together to make a necklace or bracelet, or simply knot the finished end and hang the button string as a decoration. 

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