Spring Break, Day 3 :: Picnic at the Park

Before each of them started school, the girls used to spend a day every week with grandpa. And it was usually Wednesdays. So today was a throwback day of sorts, as they spent the afternoon at grandpa's house playing games and eating his famous triple-decker PB&Js. I used the time to catch up on computer work, so by late afternoon we were all ready for some movement and time outside.
We had a simple, family picnic at the park, followed by a bunch of good, old-fashioned playground fun. It was a sweet way to spend a spring break evening together, and a really good reminder of how much we all love dinner-time picnics.
Spring is the perfect time to enjoy eating al fresco...

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HeidiD said...

Look at Sage, that sweet pea, through that peep hole!
Thinking of your girls and looked at this.
Much love.
Bygone era, but how wonderful to have this as a record.