An Earth Day Garden Update

Happy Earth Day! It seems like the perfect time to share what's happening and growing in my own little plot of earth. A couple weeks ago we discovered this mockingbird's nest in a bougainvillea bush by our garage door. First, it was an empty nest, followed by one egg, then the next morning two, and later that day three, and then the following morning... four eggs! Mama bird has been sitting patiently, and we're trying to do the same as we wait for the emergence of little chicks. I feel so very blessed we have such an amazing vantage point to watch this process!
In the garden, we're enjoying the last of the strawberries and welcoming new growth on all the spring plantings. Our growing season is a bit different here on the west coast of Florida; all my new crops are warm weather or quick maturing, as we'll head into the extreme heat and humidity real soon. I've planted: peppers (sweet & hot), beans (bush, pole, and yard long varieties), lemon squash, eggplant, kale, chard, red cabbages, sorrel, tat soi, pigeon peas, and lots and lots of tomatoes (several varieties).

I'm also growing many types of herbs, and all kinds of flowers (edible, cutting, and pollinator varieties)!

With my small backyard growing spaces overflowing, the garden has expanded to my front yard this season with a tomato and bean patch, as well as herbs, flowers & pepper plants lining the front walk. Additionally, I've planted Seminole pumpkins at the base of our massive Jacaranda tree, in hopes of training the vines to climb the tree and hang down over the front yard. I can't wait to see if this works! I've also planted some birdhouse gourd vines along a fence that backs up to the bunny area.
What's going on in your part of the natural world? Share what your discovering, growing, and enjoying in the comments below!

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Rachel G said...

It looks like we're at last shaking off the longest winter I can remember here in southern England, but all the spring growth is at least a month behind. Tomato seedlings are sprouting indoors and we finally managed to plant out our potatoes now that the soil has warmed a little. Currants, raspberries, loganberries and blackberries all showing a few signs of life - summer pudding here we come!