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The At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum

  • Pack a Picnic with Watermelon, Mint & Lemon Sorbet, to enjoy in "A Spot in the Shade."
  • Learn all about "Ponds & Frogs"and craft 5 Little Speckled Frogs from an egg carton.
  • Keep a Nature Journal "All Summer Long" to record adventures & observations.
  • Find {Gluten-Free} Snickerdoodle Sand Dollars while "At the Beach."
  • Learn more about "The Night Sky" with Honey Popcorn Planets.
  • Create a Curio Cabinet for "All Summer Long" found treasures.
  • Have some "Sun Fun" while crafting Icarus Myth Peg Dolls.
  • Make Your Own Rain Gauge and measure how much "Rain, Rain" falls this summer.
  • Discover Simple Tent Making for an easy "Spot in the Shade," then blow homemade bubbles.
  • Try out Local Fruit & Veggie Stamping with seasonal goodies from "An Edible Garden." 
  • Learn all about local "Wildflowers & Bees" where you live and Make a Native Bee Condo.
You don't want to miss out on this affordable guide to backyard summer nature fun!
***Available for Download on Monday, May 20th. ***
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