A Feather on Your Path :: August

Across cultures and decades, feathers have been objects of admiration, reverence, and wonder. Some believe when you find a feather on your path, it represents a message from a spirit guide, or angel. Some say it's a symbol of luck; and others claim it's a reminder that you're "on the right path."
I find a lot of feathers on my path. And every one of them brings me joy. Sometimes, however, a feather will jump out at me, begging for my attention by showing up in an unexpected location, or flashing spectacular colors or patterns. When this happens, I try to pay attention to its meaning, and how it pertains to me, and/or the moment. Recently, I found a small blue jay feather in my driveway. Its beautiful blue hue stands out from the many neutral-toned plumes I've picked up this summer.

A quick online search revealed a meaning that really resonates with me right now: The blue jay reflects that a greater time of resourcefulness and adaptability is about to unfold. You are going to have ample opportunities to develop and use your abilities. The jay does not usually migrate, staying around all winter, so look for there to be ample time to develop and use your energies to access new levels. It will stay around and work with you as long as you need it (source: Ted Andrew’s Animal-Speak).
All this got me thinking about all the feathers, and their respective special meanings and messages, that I've collected* over the years. Wishing I'd kept a record, I've decided to begin a journal for just this purpose. I also thought it would be fun to share a special feather find here each month, starting with August and the blue jay. 
If you're a fellow feather spotter, or collector, I'd really love to know what shows up on your path (leave a comment here, or post a picture on my Facebook page). If you're not... perhaps you'll start watching for a little feather magic to come your way!
* In researching a few things for this post, I learned about the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, which essentially makes feather collecting illegal for most all bird species. What?! With this knowledge in mind (ignorance was bliss), I'll have to rethink my future feather gathering habits. Are you familiar with this law? What are your thoughts on collecting found feathers?


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

What a great idea! I think I will start recording my feather findings in my nature journal, thanks!

We have a collection of feathers, as my little man seems to drawn to them. He finds them everywhere we go. They sit on the nature table in a vase.

Thanks for sharing.

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Hi Kim, I'm glad you'll join me in this! Perhaps I'll add it to the fall session of A Sense of Place...

Annette said...

I often wondered about found feathers - thank you for the heads up! The other day a scraggly crow feather was on the sidewalk in front of me. I picked it up and set it aside; it was pretty rough looking and I didnt want to bring any tiny critters home. Kinda wish I'd carried it home anyway. =/ Will be more mindful next time.

Liz ~ A Natural Nester said...

Annette ~ A feather from a crow is said to symbolize "balance, release from past beliefs, skill and cunning." You can accept its message without collecting the feather! (And fyi, I often put mine under warm running water to wash off critters, etc.).

Unknown said...

I take them and pennies from heaven as signs from my son.

Unknown said...

I take them and pennies from heaven as signs from my son.

Anonymous said...

''The LORD shall cover you with His FEATHERS
and under His Wings shall you TRUST... His TRUTH
shall be your shield and your buckler ... and He will
give His ANGELS charge over you to KEEP you in
al your ways.'' Psalms 91