A New Family eGuide ~ Celebrations of Light

A few years ago, I began the process of building new wintertime traditions for my family. I was fueled by the desire to create meaningful holidays and long-lasting memories. And I wished to spread our celebrations out over the season, instead of concentrated on a couple of days.

So I began researching the winter festivals and traditions of other cultures, religions, and philosophies. I pulled a bit of inspiration from my Christian roots, a little from traditional Waldorf festivals, a bit from Pagan beliefs, and still more from my deep love of nature. The traditions we now honor each wintertime have become known to my family as our "celebrations of light," as each one focuses on bringing light & warmth to our lives during the darkest time of year.

Following the success I had in sharing my personal "camp mom" experience with the At-Home Summer Nature Camp eGuide this past summer, I've decided to share my family's wintertime festivities in a new Family eGuide, Celebrations of Light. Once again, I've collaborated with some of the most inspiring & creative writers, bloggers, and women I know to create a comprehensive guide, packed full of ideas and direction. It's designed to both inspire and gently guide families in developing their own wintertime traditions - beyond faith and cultural heritage, and full of light & warmth.

The Celebrations of Light Family eGuide offers you background and resources for five family-centered celebrations (these are the five my family celebrates): Winter Solstice, Advent Season, St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucia Day, and New Year's. For each of these festivities, the guide offer ideas and tutorials for: a non-denominational ritual, a project or craft, a seasonal recipe, and a bright idea to experience the true meaning of the celebration.

As far as I know, there is no other resource out there quite
like this one - so I'm pretty excited to bring it to you! 
Learn more, and pre-order your copy now by clicking HERE.

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