A Nature Exchange {Part 1}

Seed pods {magnolia, sweetgum, pine, jacaranda}, leaves {sea grape, bamboo, palm, magnolia, cypress}, wildflowers {firebush & lantana}, an airplant, feathers {duck & sandpiper}, native grass seed heads, seashells, a shark's tooth, Spanish moss, a banana blossom petal, milkweed seeds...
... all packed up and shipped to Canada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Colorado.
There's a special joy that comes with getting a package in the mail, full of mystery and treasure, to be opened, explored, and enjoyed! Gina of Connecting Family & Seoul sent a few pictures of our goodies after their arrival in her family's nest... now on display in their playroom, her boy "keeps going back and forth to explore them. He even taped some into his nature journal." And, a few items from our Florida landscape now hang on their gratitude garland in Pennsylvania - so cool!
Stay tuned to see how we're displaying the bounty of items we're receiving. Two packages have arrived... two more to come. Such fun!


Mama G said...

Im so sad I missed this! Please do another soon!

Gina said...

We are still admiring our nature gifts! Thanks again for setting this up! :)