I Am Grateful For...A Little More Space

26 :: A Little More Space
One month ago, I wrote about my intentions for the new moon as it entered Scorpio. Tomorrow night, on Thanksgiving, the moon beings a new cycle in Sagittarius. Before I set forth my new intentions, I have been reflecting on those of this past month - primarily my goal to create more space. I have been practicing having a more spacious mind, releasing unrealistic expectations and responding to situations and challenges with more openness. I have a long way to go, but have taken some steps in the right direction. I've exercised more patience in trying situations and let more roll off my back than I typically do, being an ever-critical Virgo through and through. Likewise, I have lessened some of the pressure I place upon myself to meet my own perfectionist standards. As a result, my life has been a little messier, a little less organized - and a little more easy-going over the past month. Creating space has been an exercise in releasing control in many aspects of my life. I am grateful for the progress I have made and for a little more space in my world.

As we enter into the Sagittarius New Moon tomorrow, I will continue this intention with a focus on releasing control and living in the moment. As we move into the holiday season, my intentions also include being mindful of living simply and meaningfully, without over committing and misusing my time and energies. Care to join me with some intentions for tomorrow's new moon? I'd love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

I'm writing (the real thing!) in a beautiful journal my sister-friend, Liz, picked up for me in France what I am grateful for, everyday. I'm making a point to write down all those things that warm my heart either when they happen or when I think of them.

I'm also practicing a more gentle and respectful approach with Hal in helping him understand more deeply how I guide (discipline) our children.

I'm acknowledging all the ways I appreciate my MIL, and recording those in my journal, too. This deserves its own mentioning 'cuz its not easy! ;) I'm doing this with the intention to (in the near future) be able to express these things to her.

Anonymous said...

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