I Am Grateful For...A Little Turkey Humor

25 :: A Little Turkey Humor
Selby's school asked all the kids how to make a Thanksgiving turkey. Here was Selby's response:

"Go to the grocery store - Publix. You have to come with me to find them. They have to keep them very cold so they stay dead. Look at the price and pick one that you have money for in your purse. Take it home. Cook it in the oven. Put on lemon - yum!! Sprinkle on a little salt - but only a little because salt has lots of fat in it. I don't even like turkey though. I like turkey fingers - you make them the same way to make chicken nuggets. Cook it for 6 minutes and eat it!"

The teachers provided parents a printout of all the funny ways 4 and 5 year olds think the turkey gets to the table. The girls mainly bought their turkeys at the store - the boys primarily hunted them down on farms! This was a great activity and provided a real pick-me-up amidst a crazy week. I am so grateful for the laughs!

(Ask your little one how to make a Thanksgiving turkey and see what they say. I'd love to know what their responses!)

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