The Formula - Part II

So about that formula I posted last Friday... As part of an ongoing effort to balance endless responsibilities and desires with limited time, I recently set up a few systems to try and get organized. I posted these not-so-pretty-to-look-at signs in places where I would see them lots - the laundry room and kitchen.

They are simple chore lists, divvied up by day of the week. I also filled out all our weekly activities on the family calendar posted in our breakfast nook and used the chalkboard next to it to make a list of top-priority tasks and errands for the week. (I warned you it was a very Virgo system.)

This organization of tasks, plus the commitment to do them on certain days resulted in...

...productivity! Laundry got done and put away in manageable loads, household responsibilities were knocked out in stolen moments and all my weekly goals were actually accomplished! This productivity, without stress resulted in a surge of...

...creativity! I had more time and mental/emotional space to write (my Mother's Circles article is finally almost done!), finish my treasure maps before the next new moon (look for a post on these this week) and finally, to shop for fabric and begin my creative plan for the prayer flag project planned for this Friday's New Moon Circle (watch for a post on this as well).

So, to complete the formula: Productivity + Creativity = Peace, Love & Happiness.

Of course!


Kangaroo said...

this is FABULOUS. i too have chalkboards, etc. peppered throughout my house, in the hope that something like this will manifest...you have inspired me to figure out my own way to use this 'formula'! thanks--here's to a productive, creative week!

Rose said...

Wow! I need some of that right now for sure.

So sad that I missed out on the fabric store run. Believe me, I would have rather done that!

Liquid Pen said...


That is so awesome ...the power in gaining control over laundry and such. Writing it down and dividing it up makes it all seem so much more acomplishable!

eringoodman said...

very cool! i am working on something very similar in my house right now.

trying to find a way to get meal-planning and prep and laundry on "auto-pilot" because they both drain so much of my mental energy, which i would rather put towards my creative projects and fun times with my children!

your formula is very inspiring. thank you!!!

artygirl said...

Dianne's formula:
Monday: Lose my brain
Tuesday: Find it, but now can't remember how to use it.
Wednesday: Found brain, begin remembering how to use it, and then asked to share it by "picking my thoughts." ouch.
Thurday: Leave brain with cell phone and car keys. Missing for hours until the phone rings again.
Friday: Turn brain back off and hope for the best weekend ever.
Seriously, cool post. Virgo-land is a goal to work towards, right? Love you!