2 Cities :: 6 Little Ladies (Part 1)

I'm heading out today for a family vacation! We're off to visit long-time friends in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. There will be a plane trip, a train ride, some sightseeing and lots of little ladies (we have 6 girls under 6 among our 4 families)!

A trip to two big cities with two little kids is an adventure in the preparation alone - I had two full page lists (so Virgo, I know). Packing started with my new summer tote - isn't it cute?
Perfect for travel it has lots of pockets, little feet on the bottom to help it stand and is made of water- and wear-proof vinyl (I found it at a Cracker Barrel on sale). Here's what's in it to get us through the planes & trains:

- Diapers & Wipes
- Tissues
- Hand sanitizer
- Plastic bags
- Snacks (crackers, granola bars, dried fruit)
- First Aid kit
- Wipe-off bib
- Water bottles (empty)
- Change of clothes for each girl
- Camera
- Kid's activities: mini books, ColorForms, wipe-off activity book, art pack with paper, tape, crayons & stickers

Next was the girls' clothing (Selby is insisting on carrying her vintage Barbie suitcase we scored at the Goodwill); and then my own. The hardest part? Knowing how much teasing will come my way from Daddy Bird for packing 4 pairs of shoes, plus the pair I plan to wear, for a 6-day trip. But I might need them...

So I'll see you back here next week with my tale of 2 cities. Have a great week & weekend!


Kangaroo said...

bon voyage and have a great, relaxing trip!

Kathie said...

Have a fabulous time. too bad i didnt find out earlier you were traveling to my side of the world. LOL! I live only 15 minutes South of Philadelphia. We could have met up with you for a bit.

Cant wait to read your tales of the two cities.

Unknown said...

have a wonderful trip!!!!!