2 Cities :: 6 Little Ladies (Part 2)

We're back from our dual-city adventure. Our first stop was D.C. to visit my longtime friend and her 5 and 1 year old girls. She took us on a driving tour of all the monuments and the White House, and on a private tour inside the Capitol (she is family to a prominent member of the House).

We also visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. And Selby had a blast playing with her new "best friend" and some neighboring princesses (plus 3 baby princesses-in-training not pictured)!

Next we took the Amtrak to Philadelphia, which was really fun. The girls loved the train ride!

In Philly, we stayed with Daddy Bird's longtime friend (and 3-year-old girl), along with another high school friend of ours and his little lady (9 months.) A trip to the two-story Please Touch Museum was a hit! We especially loved the Alice In Wonderland play area.

We spent our final evening enjoying a Father's Day backyard barbecue in the company of friends.

The trip was a balancing act in many ways, merging the needs of multiple families (think naps, feeding, bedtime, meltdowns, etc. for lots of little ones). And facing challenges including a canceled flight, food poisoning and an ear infection. But from it all we learned and we grew; and our return home was ever so sweet!

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eringoodman said...

yay!!! beautiful pictures! glad you had such a wonderful time.

and glad you're back. i missed your blog posts while you were gone! ;-)