Simple Delight :: Communing with Nature

Look closely at this picture...see the bench under the tree? That's my big gal sitting on it, looking up at the tree. I wonder what she is thinking? Is she gaining perspective, seeing how small she is compared to this big tree? And what about the tree... it looks big next to my little chick, but check out the grand Banyan tree in the background (I was married under that Banyan tree). It dwarfs the bare tree in the forefront. I can't think of a simpler delight that just sitting amongst nature's beauty and contemplating where we fit in. What's your favorite nature spot right now?


Heather said...

When there is a moment where I catch my kiddos sitting quietly in nature, I too often wonder what they are thinking. This is a gorgeous photo.
Happy Friday

softearthart said...

Hi from New Zealand, what a cool shot , cheers Marie

asavoryspoonful@gmail.com said...

This is incredibly symbolic... the tree you were married under and the smaller one with Selby under it. Priceless.