A Mother Blessing

A circle of women, gathering to honor motherhood and sisterhood, birth and life.
Cleansed by the smoke of sage and lavender, protected by the spirits of the four directions, and joined by all the mothers who came before us to to care, love and guide us, we honored a mother and welcomed a new baby to our tribe.

Crowned in flowers and painted with henna, the mother-to-be accepted blessings of encouragement and strength, love and support. These wishes were represented by prayer ties on a blessing tree for the mama's birth space.

Any fears were washed away, anxieties reduced to ashes. A web of sisterhood was woven around us and the circle was opened, but unbroken.

We feasted on quiche lorraine, Chinese chicken salad, cinnamon raisin walnut bread, pesto pasta, orange blossom spritzers and a fragrant orange blossom cake.
A very sweet blessing for my dear sister. Now, anxiously awaiting my sweet little niece!


Kangaroo said...

Just beautiful. I'm so sorry I missed it. My blessings are with her and I will bring them to hang from her tree!

SwedeLife said...

May the birth be awesome for everyone- a gateway to big love, sisterly sweetness, and a soft and welcoming landing on earth to the new little one. May she forever enjoy a special relationship with her brother and cousins. May her mommma's path be easy and clear, and led to to nest where she can rest, know lots of love, and every kind of support she deserves. Blessing vibes of the highest order from Sweden.

Valarie said...

Such a beautiful celebration and tradition to ease one into motherhood. I wish happiness for all of you and many arms to hold that sweet little girl who's on her way. Congratulations.

catching caterpillars said...

wow, this is beautiful! I hope that my girlies are sweet sisters like you both are... xoxo

Heather said...

Every mother blessing that I have ever participated in has been so magical. What beauty you all created here for this expectant mama

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful celebration!!!!

sending lots of love + light...