Winter Lights ~ Saint Lucia Day

We had a sweet and simple Saint Lucia Day, part of our ongoing celebration of the lights of winter in my nest. The afternoon before, I laid out white dresses and red sashes for the girls, and wrapped Selby's crown in evergreens and berries. Then we made traditional lussekatter buns for the next morning's festivities.
For the third year now, Selby delivered the buns, along with ginger cookies and coffee, to her daddy, and then to me, in bed. This year, she had a helper for the first time - Sage walked behind her, carrying a small lantern and signing along.
The beauty of my girls bringing their soft, glowing lights into our dark room, and singing sweetly, was overwhelmingly powerful. This year - more than ever - I treasure the light and joy they bring to my life. I'm holding them a little closer, and counting my blessings every day.
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catching caterpillars said...

I'm so glad you celebrate Lucia too!!! such a beautiful tradition!!! you have to come to the Swedish club Lucia celebration next year!!!