Kids' Nature Gift Idea #2 ~ Mini Gardening Set

Another favorite nature gift in my nest is the Mini Gardening Set. Gardening encourages children to slow down and focus their attention. They go hands-on with nature when digging in the dirt. And tending to a garden of any size requires love and faith... Planting a seed or small plant begins a journey of patience, responsibility and hope. Even the simple act of watering imparts mindfulness.
Little kids love dipping soil from one container to another, planting seeds, and watering and spraying seedlings. Older children enjoy designing all kinds of container gardens, from herb and veggie bowls, to flowers pots, to terrariums. (See my post about creating a fairyland terrarium here.)
Depending on what type of garden you choose to create, here are some essentials for a kid's mini gardening set:
  • Small watering can
  • Small spray bottle
  • Child-sized tools (shovel, hoe and spade )
  • Gloves for little hands
  • Bag of potting soil  
  • Variety of containers (a stack of 4" plastic pots, a large planter, a glass jar)
  • Seed packets (pick some up for about 25 cents each at dollar stores)
  • A few small plants (I've been known to dig some up from around the yard.)
The gardening set Santa left for my eldest gal two years ago is still being used and talked about to this day... in fact, my younger daughter is hoping to get one of her own this Christmas! I have a feeling that just may happen...

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