A Season of Balance

Tomorrow is the Fall Equinox, the first day of Autumn. And although you can hardly tell it is Fall here in southwest Florida, it is my favorite season. Arriving in the month of my birth, Autumn is always a time of new beginnings for me. While in other parts of the world people are preparing their nests for the long winter ahead, here in Florida, we are finally coming out of hibernation. After being holed up all summer in our air conditioned home for fear of heat stroke, I took the girls out today for some much needed fresh air at a local park. We looked for signs of fall...and actually found a few colorful leaves!And although it was still near unbearably hot, we enjoyed the day outside, in honor of the changing season. Selby fed the ducks and turtles. She made a nature collection that included various leaves, acorns, a stick that looked remarkably like a hammer and the treasured find: two feathers. The feathers - one black and one white - are a perfect symbol for the Fall Equinox, when day and night are of the same length, ushering in a season of balance. Yin & Yang.I plan to use the season to explore my own equilibrium and find my own sense of balance. I will continue to look for the balance point amidst the chaos of mothering small children, caring for a household, supporting a community of friends & family and revisiting my writing career. However, I'm not holding my breath. After all, an equinox only happens on two days during the year in nature. I'd be happy to find some balance on just one!


Anonymous said...

Im reading your blog update whlie on my way home from work in Miami one the train.... it brings a smile to my face and really makes me relax. I love seeing current photos of the girls taken just today -I am really enjoying vicariously living through your eyes :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happy Fall! The big tree in our front yard is dropping it's leaves. Max took one in to school for his teacher - she loved it and I loved her for her excitement and for the fact that she actually knew today was the first day of Fall! LOL! This is a very exciting time of year for me, too. :)