Up & Away

Are you ready to go Up and Away,
traveling to destinations unknown or dear at heart?

Memorialize your trip with a Travel Journal!
This self-paced, self-directed eCourse will guide and inspire you as you record the details of your travels. The course is delivered as a full-color PDF Guide Book that you can print out or view from your electronic device.
Included are journal prompts, travel journaling tips, and creative ideas to help you tell the story of your trip in your own unique way!
Journaling Prompts Included:
* What's In Your Bag?
* The Journey
* The Destination
* By Land, Air & Sea
* Oh, The Places You See!
* When In Rome...
* Nom Nom (culinary pleasures!)
* Natural Souvenirs
* Post Cards Home

* Also included: my list of recommended travel journaling supplies.
Up and Away is called a mini eCourse because it's a small, travel-sized course that will get you rolling, and not overwhelm. There are no additional emails or add-ons. Just lots of inspiration and ideas condensed into an easy-to-follow format!
So pack a bag, grab a journal and let's go Up and Away together!

Up and Away ~ 
a travel journal mini-eCourse

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