At-Home Summer Nature Camp eGuide

The At-Home Summer Nature Camp eGuide is packed with ideas and inspiration to keep your kids engaged and happy all summer long. Creative and easy-to-follow, this program is based on the "camp mom" I've been doing with my own girls for years.
Get 8 weeks of kid-friendly lessons, outdoor activities, indoor projects, arts & crafts, recipes, field trip ideas, book & media suggestions, and more in a full-color PDF you can read on your computer screen or tablet, or print out.
Designed for children ages 5-11... but fun and adaptable for all ages!
**See the list of talented contributors below!**
It's 8 weeks of summer nature fun
in one easy-to-follow eCurriculum!
What's Included?
Your At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum provides 8 weekly themes that will help your children discover and enjoy the season and the natural world around them.
An Edible Garden ~ The Night Sky ~ At the Beach 
 A Spot in the Shade ~ Ponds & Frogs
Rain, Rain ~ Wildflowers & Bees ~ Sun Fun
For the weekly themes you'll receive:
  • kid-friendly lesson to share with your children about the weekly theme.
  • Engaging activities & projects for both the indoors and outdoors such as Batik Star Maps, a Shadow Sundial, a Farmer's Market Scavenger Hunt, and more.
  • Kid-approved recipes & kitchen projects including Honey Herb Lemonade, Farm-Fresh Egg Salad, Honey Popcorn Planets, and more.
  • Fun and affordable field trip ideas, such as Take a Dip in a Swimming Hole, Blast Off to Space - A Virtual Field Trip, Take a Puddle Walk, and more.
  • Step-by-step arts & crafts tutorials, including Raindrop-Inspired Watercolor Painting, Icarus Myth Peg Dolls, Local Fruit & Veggie Stamping, and more.
  • Theme-related book & media suggestions to explore and enjoy.

BONUS! Along with your 8-week eCurriculum you'll also receive two bonus projects that can be used and added to all summer long!
* Keep a Nature Journal
A guide for how to set-up and keep a record of nature observations and reflections using the written word and images.

* Create a Curio Cabinet
Learn how to transform a wall cabinet, shelf, or even a shoebox into a naturalist's cabinet for collected nature objects such as shells, feathers, insect specimens, rocks, dried flowers, and more.
This one-of-a-kind eCurriculum is packed with ideas and inspiration
from a remarkable group of creative "camp counselors" including:
Sarah of Imagine Childhood ~ Kara of Simple Kids
Suz of Slow Family Online ~ Ashley of Small Measure
Valarie of Jump Into a Book ~ Heather of Shivaya Naturals
Cerys of Nature and Play ~ Linda of Natural Suburbia
Leah of Skill It ~ Amy of Mama Scout 
Stephanie of Wellness By Design 
Debi of Go Explore Nature ~ Shawn of Awesomely Awake 
Gina of Connecting Family & Seoul
Erin of Exhale. Return to Center and More!
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How Do I Use an eCurriculum?

When you purchase the At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum, you'll receive all 8 weeks of camp, plus bonus material, in one reader-friendly, full-color PDF document that can be read on your computer or tablet, or printed out.
The weekly materials can be implemented in any order you desire, during any week of the summer (or beyond!). That means you can customize the weekly themes to meet your schedule and surroundings. For example, you can implement the Rain, Rain theme on a wet and grey week; or you can take along At The Beach when you go on vacation at the shore! The materials are yours to use in a way that works for your family.
The At-Home Summer Nature Camp eCurriculum
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