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Connect to "your place" in nature with

this self-paced journaling eCourse.

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Would you like to gain a better appreciation for the natural world around you? Do you desire to feel more connected to the environment where you live? A nature journal can help you connect to your place in nature, season by season, fostering a heightened sense of place and a deeper understanding of your role within it.
A Sense of Place will guide you through the basics of keeping a seasonal nature journal. As a participant you receive a full-color, PDF eGuide with six comprehensive, themed lessons (see current course outline below), that cover:
* discovering and observing your place in nature,
* learning to record your observations, perceptions, and feelings through words and images,
* exploring your own personal forms of creative expression,
* and journaling as a form of mindfulness.
  This SUMMER we're observing, exploring & recording:
Heat Waves!~ Critter Symphonies
 Thunder Storms ~ All Things Water
Star Gazing ~ and more!

Claim your place in nature. Explore the season. Engage your senses. Make connections. Find your voice. Draw your view. Get creative. Be mindful. Practice gratitude. Develop a deep sense of place.

You can participate in the A Sense of Place eCourse at any level, and at your own pace. When you register, you receive a full-color PDF that you can read on your computer screen or tablet, or print out. The guide is divided into six sections, which can be worked through at your own pace.

This is a laid-back course, designed to inspire and encourage - with NO PRESSURE!

Course Outline

Part 1: Discovery ~ Connect to Nature & Self

Part 2: Observation ~ See through the Eyes of a Naturalist

Part 3: Recording with Words ~ Write Your Truth

Part 4: Recording with Images ~ Capture Your View

Part 5: Creativity ~ It's Totally Personal!

Part 6: Mindfulness ~ Nurture a Sense of Place

Explore Summer!
Self-Paced eGuide ~ $14.99
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Supply List

    Journal - blank book or sketchbook (ideally, not lined)

Pens - ball point or felt tipped, experiment for what you like best

Pencils - mechanical for "on location," drawing pencils, & colored pencils for color

Bag - to tote your supplies in when journaling out in the field, and for collecting nature items




What past participants are saying about "A Sense of Place"....

"My journaling over the course was an opportunity to take my nature connection to a deeper level, tuning in a little more to my surroundings and recording my thoughts and feelings. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the fall course." - Kim at Mothering With Mindfulness

"I am already in tune with the natural world, but this class has helped me move my impressions out of my mind and onto the page (where I inevitably discover and learn more)." - Amy at MamaScout

"I attribute this course for my deeper appreciation for nature. I’ve always been an outside girl but this course changed my entire world." - Shawn at Awesomely Awake 

"I see things differently now, whenever I see a tree, or hear a bird, I think more... I know for sure that you helped me plant some nice seeds that will develop into nice walks in nature and good observation - for both me and my son." - Emilia (Brussels, Belgium)



Want a little more background or inspiration before signing up? Read on:

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Also available as full-color PDF eGuides ($14.99 each):

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