The Simple Things

Some days, life goes by so fast I can barely keep up. Wednesdays are often like this for me. When I feel like I'm spinning out of control, I try and put my attention on the simple things that bring me joy. A few favorites to bring me back to Earth:

- A steaming hot cup of flavored coffee with a splash of milk and a whipped cream top.

- Books & magazines. Currently reading: Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children and Buddha . Favorite mags: Mothering, Domino and Real Simple.

- A view of the water: from my back porch, at the beach, by the Bay... wherever it flows.

- The blank pages of a beautiful journal and a good pen.

- Long hugs from my nest-mates: little chick snuggle sessions at dawn and the strong arms of Daddy Bird at night.

- A little kitchen therapy involving a hot, hearty meal to feed both my soul and my loved ones.

And so I am reminded, instead of dreaming of a more simple way of life, to find the beauty in the ordinary moments, natural spaces and simple things that already surround me. And once again, I can breathe.


Kangaroo said...

As I am reading this post, the song playing on my Adele-based-Pandora-station is 'I'd Like To,' by Corinne Bailey Rae, in which the last line of the chorus is "I desire the simple things." Goosebumps.

Anonymous said...

i really love the ghost yard art.... playing ring around the rosie.... that is so cute!!!!