I Am Grateful For...A Novel Morning

15 :: A Novel Morning

Daddy Bird has taken the girls to a birthday party this morning, so I have 2-3 blissful hours to myself! So many things I want to do - scrapbook, read, blog... So many things I ought to do - laundry, dishes, shower... But one thing stands out more than anything else - I want to write. So I am very grateful for this morning to work on my novel.

I have vaguely mentioned here that I am writing a book about my sisterhood of home-birth mamas. On this novel morning, I offer you the first public look at this project with a brief synopsis of my book.

Working Title: "All This I Am" The Early Years of the ____ Sisterhood (I am still struggling with a name for our beloved group of mamas - suggestions and ideas are welcome!)

Synopsis: "All This I Am" tells the story of six young mothers whose lives intersected over 5 years ago at a birthing home in their beach-side Florida town. Pregnant together again, Liz, Laura and Tonya are preparing for the home births of their second children. Heidi is packing for a move across the globe. Colleen is searching for her true self. And Maggie is co-parenting two kids with a woman partner. Joined together by a unique bond, each of these women face life-changing challenges and triumphs, while together building a like-minded community of families. This enchanting novel explores self-discovery within motherhood and reveals the divine power of a sisterhood like none other.

An introduction to the real-life cast of characters who inspired this project is coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read it!

Michelle said...

YOur book sounds wonderful, I look forward to reading it. We plan on having one more child, we wanted so badly to deliver at home last time and couldn't find a midwife to do it. Our last, if we are lucky, we'd like to deliver on the farm in Tenn. It was the plan last time but finances didn't allow :(