I Am Grateful For...Creative Outbursts

18 :: Creative Outbursts

I have been on an on-and-off, two-day creative rampage. When I have these outbursts, my mind swells with ideas, I can hardly stop to eat and I have trouble sleeping. Here is a sampling of what has come from my madness:

  • the inception of a new blog, coauthored by my mother, Marcy... more on this to come soon!
  • the creation of a stitch and bitch where my crafty (and patient) friend Tonya is going to teach me and a few others how to knit
  • the beginnings of a new essay/article on sisterhood that I hope to sell somewhere for $
  • lots of baby steps forward on my book

A bunch more ideas for crafting, decorating, writing and more are still spinning in my head. Does anyone have an idea how to get off this crazy train? Regardless of the sleep deprivation, I am grateful for creative outbursts.


Kangaroo said...

don't get off! stop at a station every now and again to rest and refuel but never get off, i say!

Anonymous said...

What a great ride to be on! I go to (or will be starting this Sunday) to a weekly craft nite at one of my friend's homes. I'm taking my computer so I can write this week! Also, a pen and paper in case its easier that way. I agree with KP, stay on for as long as possible - but do try to sleep or you won't get off, you'll stumble off! ;)