I Am Grateful

30 :: I Am Grateful
This 30-day exercise in sharing what I am grateful for each day has helped me to look at my days in a different light. Some days, it was obvious what I felt grateful for; other days, I had to dig a little deeper to see the silver lining. It has become a habit, none the less, to be mindful during the moments of my day for the things I am thankful for, both big and small. I already knew my world was full of blessings - but writing about a different one each day has filled me with appreciation for the people, places and things around me. So I close by saying, quite simply... I Am Grateful.


Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you how much (even on vacation) I look forward to reading your posts? I even have thought about photo shots you would have taken had you been where I was). Yet I so enjoy your perspective from whereever you are! PLease keep ' em coming! I absolutely love this! I started one of my own but have not published it online just through the inspiration of you (timidly).

Anonymous said...

i really appreciated your 30 days of grats, too, Liz! i looked forward to it every day. what a bright spot in my blog roll you are. thank you for sharing. :)