Birds of a Feather :: Part Two

It's hard to remember when, exactly, I started getting my kicks from throw pillows and knick-knacks and table linens. But the older I get, the more pleasure I find in transforming my living space into a comfortable, beautiful and meaningful home. My look is eclectic and simple. I like both old and new. I have equal appreciation for jewel tones, earth tones and a pure white canvas. And my own personal style is constantly evolving.

Traditionally, I have devoured magazines and books for decorating inspiration. But recently, I've been enjoying the interactive - and constant - inspiration out there in the blogosphere. I have come across several other "nester" blogs, focused primarily on decorating. Here are a few of my favorites:

Nesting Place

Feathered Nest

The Shabby Nest

The Cottage Nest

These blogs all feature fabulous photos and lots of great ideas. And they each have their own unique and authentic style. Check out these "birds of a feather" for a little inspiration when it comes to feathering your own nest. Enjoy!

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