Do Less, Accomplish More

Christmas is only one week away now. Typically, at this point in the season, I begin to hear a clock ticking. It always feels like there is more to accomplish than there is time to accomplish it in. And as the seconds pass by, my stress level rises.

In the spirit of living more mindfully, this year I am going to take a different approach to the final days of 2008. In his insightful book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra talks about "The Law of Least Effort." Simply stated, it suggests we can do less and accomplish more. Sounds fantastic, I say!

Here are the three components to this principle:
  1. Acceptance: Surrender to the moment. Accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they occur; don't waste energy struggling against them.
  2. Responsibility: Take responsibility for current challenges and be alert to opportunities within them.
  3. Defenselessness: Release the need to convince others of your point of view. Remain open minded and flexible; don't force outcomes.
Chopra suggests that when you follow these ideals, you are not only present in the moment, but more lighthearted, carefree and joyful.

I am going to try and walk this path of least effort and resistance right into the New Year and beyond. With any luck, I will trade some of my building holiday anxiety for a peace of mind that allows me to enjoy my family and create lasting, loving memories.

And speaking of family memories, we are off to Disney World tomorrow, so I'll meet you back here on Monday! Have a great weekend - try doing less and accomplishing more.

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