New Moon. New Year. New Focus.

Wahoo! I believe I'm as excited about the holiday season heading out as I was about it heading in last month. As intended, I kept it simple. But this is simple by my standards, which still tends to teeter on over-the-top. So today, as I recovered from and reflected on the past few weeks, I became very clear about the year to come. Tomorrow is, once again, a new moon. Preceding the new year by only a few days, it seems like an ideal time to reset my focus.

For 2009, instead of trying to do everything at once - as I'm guilty of attempting - I plan to focus my attention on three paramount passions: mothering, writing and living mindfully (I should have skipped the soul searching and just reread my profile). I imagine I'll delve into each of these individually in the future, outlining goals for each goal as only a Virgo would do. But in the meantime, I'm just wrapping myself around the general idea of these three creative pursuits.

Now, don't get me wrong. I still plan to blog, knit, sew, craft, decorate, garden, cook, organize to OCD levels, read, entertain, scrapbook... But here's the thing. I will not hold myself accountable for all of these things, all of the time. Instead, they'll get jumbled into a creative grab bag, to be pulled out like a prize when a moment arises or an urge pops up. Hmm, I believe this is what they call a hobby...

So that is where my head has been today. And as an extension of my head, what this blog will be exploring in the days to come.

What about you..any new focus for the new year?


Anonymous said...

ah, yes...resolutions: sleep. healthy living. realistic expectations. yoga. and i'd like to invent a time machine.

sorry to say i'll miss the new moon tomorrow. so glad to hear that the kingdom was a hit; big S will have to give big B some pointers, we're heading there in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

let me just say, kangaroo and mama bird, i admire your gusto. hal and i are saving the disney trip for a much later age. we've been to universal, for free, so there wasn't the pressure of, OH MY, WHAT IF SOMEONE GETS SICK, or melts at every turn... oh, and max did get sick the last time we went. but we didn't feel pressure to have things run smoothly, which i suspect is key to any outing with kids! anyhoo... mamabird, i too was excited to read that disney went well - that gives me hope! it sounds like you found that balance with enjoying the special moments within the chaos, 'cuz you know, disney.... chaos...

my resolution... learn to love my body as well as respect its limitations and not so easy to deal with needs when it comes to food.