Princess Spirit

Selby attended her first "Princess Party" today. The invitation instructed her to wear a favorite dress or princess gown. A big fan of dress up, Selby's style is typically more funky than frilly, more diva than princess. Nonetheless, she was very excited about the party, and prepared herself with ladylike care. She chose a dress Nana gave her for Christmas (a treasure from Goodwill), gloves from Grandpa (also from Christmas) and a sparkling tiara. I loved her non-Disney idea of what a princess should look like.
I have consciously avoided pushing the "princess" theme on Selby. To me, it conjures up a spoiled, must-have-a-prince, dripping in jewels image that no preschooler needs to be associating with. But it still seeps in from outside sources - school, movies, uh - a trip to Disney last month... So I was a little uneasy about the whole princess party idea. I was pleasantly surprised. The girls came dressed in all manner of unique "princess" attire, showing much originality.The party itself was darling and included face painting, a treasure hunt and a sweetly decorated dining area for the ultimate in princess food - pizza & cake.
So I have a new perspective tonight after being among these little ladies. They seem to have found the perfect balance between enjoying all things feminine & lovely and daringly flaunting their authentic style. A modern day princess spirit I can embrace!


SwedeLife said...

Selby looks like quite the (big girl !) Diva indeed.

Lucky you, keeping the disney princess out of the house. I have no idea how she zoned in on it, but my girl LOOOVES the princess thing and it MUST be the disney ones. We do not have the movies or anything, so she has herown idea about hwat it's all about, but she just loves those candy colored princesses. Whe nas ked why she says 'because they are beautiful and kind to children" !?

gana said...

love the purple! totally cute. :)