Reading Between the Lines

On the way home from a family trip to the library, while looking at a Princess and the Pea book, Selby announces: "All those mattresses would squish a pea."

"It's just a story, so anything is possible," I reply.

And then, from the backseat, a revelation it took me over 30 years to come to understand: "Are we a story someone is reading?"

And so she gets it...at 4! Or perhaps at 4 she has just not yet forgotten we have the power to create our own experiences - to write our own stories.

So yes, little one, we are a story. We are the creative expressions of spirit. And collectively, we create a universal book that, I am certain, "someone" is reading.

That day in the car I could almost feel Selby making the connection...if we are a story, then anything is possible for us too.

And it is, you know. We simply must remember.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder, Selby. Anything IS possible!

Michelle said...

Sounds like someone is a "thinker" - great job your doing mom!

Thanks for the post, your are absolutely right and it is a good think to remember :)

Anonymous said...

priceless and timeless...

gana said...


roberta said...

Your blog is lovely & lyrical, very you guys. Naturally, I adore that photo of Jeff & Selby. Your site takes me back too many decades to my LaLeche days. I posted a subscription to your blog on mine, justbetweenus-roberta.blogspot.com, so more of my (age) buddies can recall with joy.