A Bounty of Blessings

I found this sweet little book, Saying Grace: Blessings for the Family Table, at a thrift shop last week for $2.50 (the bright cloth napkins were thrifted too). It's a lovely collection of blessings, prayers and sayings from a sampling of cultures, religions and writings. Each evening, Selby picks out a blessing to be read before dinner. Ranging from one line to one page long, the entries are accompanied by colorful, hand painted illustrations (these appear to be the main influence on the selections so far). I love the way the readings help us reconnect before we share a meal. What a great enrichment for our daily gratitude practice!

A couple of sample blessings:

There's no joy in anything unless we share it.
- American Proverb

Round the table:
Peace and joy prevail.
May all who share
This season's delight
Enjoy countless more.
- Chinese Blessing


Anonymous said...

what a great idea! we always share the same preschool blessing...maybe big S could teach big B to mix it up a bit.

Liquid Pen said...

I love that...changing it up. We always do the same one too.

Anonymous said...

A great thrift store find!