Blowing in the Wind

I've long-loved the beauty and magic of Tibetan prayer flags - the messages and symbols on the flags are said to be carried by the wind, distributing prayers of peace and love to all. Not being a practicing Buddhist (although I deeply appreciate the teachings), I've never felt comfortable flying traditional prayer flags. However, recently inspired by this post and this one, I've been thinking about tapping into the power of this ancient Buddhist philosophy by creating some prayer flags of my own.

A little more research garnered more ideas on how to make you own prayer flags and a lot more inspiration, as seen here and here. I even found a fun prayer flag project for kids.

Hmmm... still on a treasure mapping high, I'm seeing a prayer flag gathering in my future... perhaps the next new moon, mamas?


Liquid Pen said...

I love that idea..leaving each moon with a hand crafted gift for ourselves!

Rose said...

Well said.

But do you *really* need to ask me if I want to do this? I will refrain from saying "yay!" this time.

My treasure map is *almost* finished!

kangaroo said...

Rose, that's what I'm sayin'. Um, intentions on fabric? I'm in.

Bernadette said...

I LOVE prayer flags and have made them for many an occasion. We've got two simple tutorials on our site for making prayer flags. One is broken down into TINY bite sized chunks so you can craft with your little kids in peace (imagine having unpeaceful prayer flag making?) I'd love for you to check them out...

Between Hitching Posts said...

Thanks for sharing this post! This is my first time visiting you site & right away I love it.
I am very involved with a poverty alleviation project, working with Tibetan women. I have wanted to fly prayer flags for a long time, but like you have not felt comfortable flying the traditional ones.
I'm going to go read all the links you left more inspirations.
To hear more about the project I'm a part of, check out my blog & click on the "Rocking Yak" botton.

Anonymous said...

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