Creating & Manifesting

Creativity ran rampant at my new moon circle last night! After an abbreviated - although very powerful - circle, the Mamas and I got to work on our treasure maps to ring in the astrological new year. This was manifesting at its best!

There was certainly no shortage of creative supplies. Our host, Rose, shared stacks of magazines and full access to her wealth of arts and crafts materials. The Snail arrived with arms full of fabric pieces and a sewing machine. And our resident artist brought boxes of beads & jewels, ribbons, a tin of antique buttons and a rainbow selection of paint. We dug in and quickly made a big creative mess, fueled by red wine and chocolate (top picks of the night: Lindt Dark Chocolate with Chili and Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon).
It was fascinating to watch each of my sisters' creativity unfold with their own unique take on the treasure map. An avid quilter and crafter, The Snail created hers with fabric - read more about how here. Tapping into the power of artful journaling, Rose filled the pages of a blank board book. The rest of us each put our own spin on a traditional poster board collage. A work in progress, I love the way mine is turning out. Using the feng shui bagua for form, I'm selecting images based on these principles:
  • Be specific.
  • Images should evoke the feeling of what you want to manifest.
  • Dream BIG.
Here's how mine looks so far (see a close-up shot above).
This weekend, why not join in and set a visual intention for the year ahead? Then post images of your treasure map - and view others - on this treasure mapping flickr group set up by our inspiration over at Exhale. Return to Center.

Happy Friday and happy creating & manifesting.


kangaroo said...

so. much. fun.

i hope your family had fun continuing the process...i've been working a bit more on mine this morning. looking forward to seeing everyone's finished maps! thank you so much for this!

SwedeLife said...

sounds like fun! One thought- what jumoped out the most was 'belly fat'! Becasue perhaps it respnated with my postpartum sensabilties??? Anyway, I was always advised always frame things postiive in affirmations, as the universe does not here negations. So "belly fat gone" is better framed as what you want, like 'flat trim tummy!' otherwise you'll be staring at 'BELLY FAT' like an affirmation all year long!!!

Dianne said...

Oh what fun! Can one apply to be a juju mama? LOL. You are awesome and I am so thankful to have you as my juju sister. hugs, AG

Liquid Pen said...

It was so much fun and I LOVE my board!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

feng shui bagua said...

it looks like a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

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