I Am Writing :: Outline & Routine

Welcome to the first of a new weekly post, "I Am Writing." It's an affirmation, a way to chronicle my journey and a means of accountability.

I met with The Snail yesterday (my unofficial agent) to brainstorm on my novel. Over a couple of cinnamon dolce lattes we hammered out a structure for the book. It will consist of two parts, 12 chapters each. Did you know an average novel is 400 typewritten pages? So that means each chapter can average about 16 typed pages. Just having this basic composition really helps me get a handle on the enormity of the project. So, with this general arrangement in mind, I'm beginning work on a detailed outline.

It's become apparent that writing time is not going to magically appear. So I'm working out a writing routine to ensure my creative work is as important as my income-earning work, household responsibilities and mothering duties. I hope this dedicated routine, along with unplanned opportunities, will generate enough time to produce some real work.

I just read that daily chores are a great thinking time for writers. Folding the laundry and walking the baby offer a chance to review plots, develop characters and generate new ideas. I definitely plan to take advantage of this important "non-writing" time, and recognize it as part of my writing routine.


Kangaroo said...

love the daily chore routine. i would add a step to that and make your notebook your third arm. once you're finished with those dishes, that walk, that load of laundry, jot down those phrases and concepts that magically generated during that time. your mind is a powerful thing.

Anonymous said...

You can do it, mamabird! :)

marcychapman said...

You have my support. xo Mother

Cate said...

you're awesome and inspiring. i cannot wait to read your novel!

eringoodman said...

i love this idea (and just may borrow it ;-).